How to track an android phone


Losing one’s phone, especially an android phone and being unable to find it can be frustrating. This is because our phones carry the bulk of our documents and most of our private and sensitive files.

Assuming you lost your phone or say it was stolen, this could be so disastrous and frustrating. It would seem as if you’ve lost your whole belonging.

I can imagine what that feels like. So in this article, I’ll be showing you how to track your android phone in case it gets lost or stolen.

I’ll show you steps to take in setting up your android phone tracker and how to track your phone in case it gets lost or stolen.

Excited right? Let’s get to it.

Steps to setting your android phone location visibility with native android features

Before your android phone can be visible for tracking there are some steps to be taken in order to achieve this.

Follow me as I walk you through these steps.

Note: Although this could vary depending on the android phone. These procedures, however, can prove quite helpful no matter the type of android phone you are using.

Navigate to your device’s settings

how to track an android phone

 Tap on the security and location

Tapping on this will prompt you to a page that contains information as regards your location and security. 

Note: This aspect can vary due to different android phone manufacturing companies and phone models.

In this case, I’m doing this from the infinix Hot7 android phone.


Click on the Find my device tab

Clicking on the find my device will not only activate it. You will be prompted  to a page that looks like this.


This step confirms that your tracking location has been activated. It provides you with options as regards the next steps to take.

You can either use a “find my device app” or “find my device web” to locate your android phone as regards this effect.

Using “find my device app”.

Again, I’ll walk you through how to achieve this. Download the google find my device app from the google play store.

The app is pretty much easy to use. It is light as regards its apk file size which is 1.8Mb. 

The app looks like this;

how to track an android phone


 Download and install the app.

 Once that is done open it; it looks like this



From the above page, you can either log in using your android Gmail account if you want to track your phone or log in as a guest if you want to track someone else’s phone.

Either way, this is what you will see once you log in. It tracks your phone location automatically using the Gmail account that you logged in with.

After logging in, it prompts you to a page where you will see your phone location.

how to track an android phone


Using the “find my device web” from the find my device page.

Click on the “find my device web” it will open a web portal.

This tracking is somewhat like the first in that, this tracking will lead you directly to a google web page where you can track your android phone or someone else’s.

The web page looks like this.


If you notice, the features for both the app and the web page are the same. So any of the options for tracking your android phone will do just fine.

You can also secure your android phone by setting up some security information in case you misplace your phone or in case of theft.

To do this, click on the “secure device” from either the app page or the web page. As you can see from the picture above.

You will be prompted to a page requiring you to write a lock-screen message or to input your phone number so that you can be reached in case you misplace your phone and someone finds it.



This is more of an added advantage in case you misplace your phone or in the case of theft. You can be reached when some other person finds it and would want to return it to you.


Well, there you have it. I hope this article helps you to set up your phone’s tracking visibility.

This feature does not fully guarantee your phone’s safety but it offers you a high level of security.

Always keep this feature turned on as it will come in handy because no one can tell what will happen as regards your phone’s security and safety.

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